Tools 🛠️

Here is a list of the software, items and devices I use everyday and couldn't imagine myself living without!


Motion AI assistant to automatically manage your daily calendar & tasks (a MUST)

Podia to build online classes.

Hotjar to analyze the behavior of users on a website.

Typedream & Squarespace to build websites (like this one!)

Shopify to build ecommerce websites.

Acast to host podcasts (like mine!)

Spotify my favorite music streaming (and podcast listening!) platform.

Xolo to open a digital solo company.

Mercury which I use as a bank for my startup.

Things I cannot live without

Kindle Paperwhite on which I do most of my reading.

Martin HD-28 being a terrible guitarist won't prevent me from having the best guitar.

Jura Espresso machine used with actual beans for my daily coffee.

Repetto Zizi those have been my shoes for 15+ years.

Butterfly Dignics 09c my favorite table tennis rubber.


Without really realizing, I became an Apple nerd and now work with a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro which I use with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, an iPhone 13 Pro and a pair of AirPods Pro. I'll also confess owning an Apple Watch Series 7 which I mostly use for sports and as a wake up alarm.


reMarkable 2 a tablet that feels like paper and has replaced my notebooks.

Henson Ti22 I have never used electric shavers, this is the best manual.


The list would be too long but I do post the occasional wristshot on my Instagram account. See you there!